Bitvalley Dashboard will be all in one dashboard for our holders, all you have to do is connect your wallet and everything pops up.

Bitvalley Dashboard allows you to track everything about bitvalley including statistics, progress bar for every new task, status, upcoming plans, new proposals and much more.

One of major features is tracking your bitvalley tokens, rewards, upcoming rewards and allows you to claim your pending rewards with a click of a button. But thats not all we offer you directly on our dashboard to stake your tokens and earn up to 100% more BUSD rewards “AMAZING DON’T YOU THINK”.

How is this done? When you stake your tokens for 1 week, 2 weeks or 1 month we have assigned bonuses there. The longer you stake the bigger the rewards. Lets say you stake 10M bitv for 1 month, on your divident tracker there will be assigned another 10M tokens and now you will earn 100% more rewards.


Soon you will be able to track our community challenges, giveaways and activities.

Thats not all…

We will incorporate other tokens who want to join BitValley ecosystem and allow their users to track their rewards and stake. What makes this so so beneficial for our token is that whoever wants to be part of the BitDash needs to hold at least 1M tokens. We can incorporate our dashboard in any token we can also incorporate this into their websites, use it as a Dapp dashboard, or even publish it as an IOS or Android app.