Here are some things that we have added

Introducing Feeds , models now can make posts , they can create their own feeds and you can watch feeds only of those models that you subscribe. Private feeds , models can add locked pictures on the private feeds , in order to unlock that picture you will need to pay the fee that she added there , ex. Pay 3 credits to unlock this picture .

On the feeds you will have , like button , tip button , unlock feed ( if private ) New algorithm is implemented on the chat , now we have much smoother chat and more advanced Filter for the models based on their subscribers What is the benefit of feeds ? Feeds will make users spend more time on the app by scrolling the new posts of their subscribed models .

What will models benefit from the feeds ? Its much easier for them to promote their new content and stimulate users to buy it . They can give special offers there , interact and engage with their subs , motivate them to post as much as they can so they make more money and get more attention