CryptoWorld – Coming Soon

Cryptoworld will be all in one crypto app , it will be an app on playstore and appstore and also it can be used on web also . Lets say you are a begginer in crypto , you download the crypto world app and the first thing that will pop up will be a button […]

Bitbae’s new update

Here are some things that we have added Introducing Feeds , models now can make posts , they can create their own feeds and you can watch feeds only of those models that you subscribe. Private feeds , models can add locked pictures on the private feeds , in order to unlock that picture you […]

BitDash – The BitValley Dashboard

Bitvalley Dashboard will be all in one dashboard for our holders, all you have to do is connect your wallet and everything pops up. Bitvalley Dashboard allows you to track everything about bitvalley including statistics, progress bar for every new task, status, upcoming plans, new proposals and much more. One of major features is tracking […]